You can guarantee great things from Olivia Gavranich, AKA St South. As the winner of the Bon Iver Stems Project she proves her worth with every electronic/soul masterpiece she releases. Her latest cover of Taylor’s Swift’s "Wildest Dreams" is one to add to the diverse list of artists she’s covered and it’s breathtaking.

She adds her ambient touch to yet another pop song with her distinctive sound that resembles something between The XX and Lana Del Rey. She puts another unusual spin on the track to create a fresh, chilled few minutes of her own brand of ‘electronic soul’.

The original track’s smooth melody remains while her vocals give it so much more depth. St South can do very little wrong when it comes to covers, be it Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Adele, and this is simply another incredible offering to add to her list.

posted by Staff
October 2015