Astonishingly, Ross Ryan, a.k.a. STéLOUSE  has begun his music career in an alt-rock band. But the times they are a changin', instruments become MIDI controllers, and the weapon of choice is no longer a guitar, but a drum machine. And I guess STéLOUSE's style transition is precisely the reason why his music isn't conforming to a particular electronic sub-genre.

"Been So Long" is a great example of the Denver-based producer's stylistic flexibility, where a song is defined by an emotion rather than a genre. In collaboration with South African singer Nick Leng, STéLOUSE creates a combination of playfulness and nostalgia, riding on some heavy beats and synth samples.

The track release also comes with a cool video, which you can watch on the artist's page.

posted by Iva
November 2016