It's been raining cats and dogs all days, and while it's Orthodox Easter this weekend and that usually means celebration, I've been riding a low-key chill vibe after a few intense weeks. I couldn't think of a better way to ease out this Friday than Stephcynie's (pronounced stef-sih-nee) new single "No Lie" featuring rapper S-Wrap. A masterpiece when it comes to channel

"No Lie" is a refreshing, romantic ode embracing genuine, imperfect devotion over-idealized tales. Set to a rather laid-back rhythm and enriched with a spoken word segment courtesy of S-Wrap, this track is a vibrant inclusion for your everyday playlist. Mad props to Stephcynie whose vocals are the embodiment of gorgeous.

Raised by entrepreneurial parents involved in diverse fields like acting, modeling, and tech ventures, Stephcynie is intimately familiar with the adventurous, passion-driven life. Armed with a degree in Jazz Vocal Performance, she perpetually seeks the harmonious blend of musical sophistication and unadorned elegance. This is far from the last time you'll hear about her.

posted by Ivo
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