We've been keeping an eye on Steven Bamidele for a few months now and there's a good reason for that - the release day of his next LP via Tru Thoughts - Summing Up is slowly approaching. Add the 15th of September to your calendars as we'll be experiencing something beautiful.

Emerging from a humble 4-bar loop confined within his laptop, "Sitting In The Dark" blossoms into a composition adorned with syncopated beats, cross-rhythms, and meticulous production. This release gracefully joins the ranks of its fellow album tracks, namely "Kaleidoscope feat. Scarlett Fae" and "Dark Sense Of Humour (Farfisa)," both of which we previously featured on our website.

“My favourite thing about this tune is it feels almost uncomfortably honest. I’m exposing a lot of flaws about my character. It feels cathartic listening to it even still.”, shares Steven.

Fun fact - "Sitting In The Dark" will be the opening track from Summing Up. Judging by that, there's going to be a lot of psychedelic soul influences on the record, which will breathe a scent of uniqueness in it.

posted by Ivo
June 2023