So this is how Stolen Jars describe themselves on their Soundcloud page: "Stolen Jars is the way back. It’s that summer you spent living in your yard, searching for answers under rocks, it’s that blanket fort you made in the living room, it’s that game you spent so long making up the rules to that you never even got to play." After listening to their music, I realized that this is the best possible way to describe them.

"Waves" is my favourite track off their 2015 record Kept. It has interesting instrumentals: I sometimes have hard times identifying what is what (I'm slightly instrumentally challenged as well). Guitar plucking pattern from the very beginning creates the sound build up and I absolutely love how it harmonizes with the mellow vocals. The track in incredibly warm and summery, and oh so sweet. It just puts an instant smile on my face.

posted by Anna
May 2016