When I was in London in December, I went to Global Soul's showcase at KOKO and at one point, a shy, beautiful girl came onto the stage and she started singing... opera. Her voice filled the huge venue, everyone's jaw dropped. Definitely, one of the most memorable performances of that day.

This was STORRY, the Canadian, London-based artist whom we first introduced you to in 2020. Today, she's back with a stripped r&b gorgeousness with the appropriate to its vibe name "fairytales". However, it actually tells the story of heartbreak, dwelling on the twisted beliefs that we've been seeing in movies. “I’m no beauty going to sleep and hoping to wake up to some knight in shining armour," she explains. "That sh*t sold to little girls and boys don’t make no sense. So, I wrote about it.”

"fairytales" lets STORRY's voice shine with just warm gorgeous guitars underneath, creating a melancholic, yet somehow hopeful listening experience.

posted by Nasko
January 2024