2024 is the first year I won't be having a 9-to-5 job since starting Stereofox in 2013 and I definitely look forward to finding more music as it's something I didn't have much time for in recent years. I have to say - the year starts with a surprisingly high amount of international music/lyrics and it's great to feature music from around the globe and not only the US or UK - the 2 main "suppliers" these days.

This next one is some 420 vibes. Hailing from Galicia, hip hop artist XA'LUM joins forces with US beatmaker Strange Dust for the creation of the illest lofi hip hop joint. The song is a sonic walk through the picturesque landscapes of traditional Galician heritage.

It opens with a rather laid-back melody that feels very mysterious and sets the stage for the perfectly delivered melodic rap verses by XA'LUM. Her voice weaves through the music, painting vivid images of Galicia's cultural heritage. This is a poetic journey you'll enjoy whether or not you speak Spanish. The region is tied to ancient Celtic influences, which makes it so interesting and unusual. A beautiful example of how universal music language could be.

posted by Ivo
last month