Strath's latest release through GODMODE, "In Another Life," is a convergence of various emotions, blending joy, optimism, and a hint of fierceness.

The Australia-based producer Strath has a rich background in dance music – with production work for artists like SHYGIRL and Blessed Madonna. "In Another Life" is the first of three singles before the release of his upcoming EP I Thought It Would Never End. Here we're welcomed to bright, immersive synths paired with upbeat drums for a rave-like feel, while the vocals acquaint us with an emotional connection with the track.

Of the upcoming EP, he says “This is a project where I want people to feel like a memory, that they’ve been shot back in time. I found parallels between this person I used to be with and California, it’s a sort of dreamy idealist place and as we got further from California we got further from the ideal nature of our relationship, the song is meant as a wormhole into the memory of this time in California".

posted by Lu
January 2024