What happens when you bring math rock guitar chords with indie pop? Something truly beautiful. Imagine a brainchild of This Town Needs Guns, Owl City and uhh, I'm struggling here. Anyway, it may sounds a bit bizarre but it sounds damn cool and it's a good intro to Zoology's new single "Maroon".

Truth be told, I don't know much about the duo besides their names. Emily Krueger & Beau Diakowicz managed to really stir the things when it come to genre blending and even only this achievement deserves admiration. That, however, is far from the guys stop. Their song "Maroon" is a beautiful modern days escape to a better, more colourful world. At first, the gentleness surround the whole song will wrap you like a cozy blanked, but soon enough the sudden change of sound carefully crafted by the US/Canadian duo will make you want to move your body.

Ahh, pure delight.

posted by Ivo
August 2017