As the curator of our Soul & Jazz Hip Hop playlist, I can't hide my excitement that we're back to releasing smooth hip hop on Stereofox Records.

The first (of hopefully many) hip hop release for the year comes from the legendary UK rapper Syf (of Talking Knots) whom you might know for his collabs with Handbook & Mondo Loops. He joined forces with singer Nellavi & producer SamXVI for the mellow & touching "Dawn" which is about family, responsibilities & success - with a surprise verse from someone really special (who will remain a secret).

“I was going through a period in my life where I felt like everything was kind of getting on top of me as I took some financial risks and career risks which ultimately made me bet on myself. So I felt like I had a lot on me that I had to sort and deal with”, shares Syf

Get lost in the impeccable lyricism, the warm keys & the raw hip-hop production of this soulful gem & get it on your fav platform here.

posted by Nasko
April 2023