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“Moving On” is the final track on Ta-Ku’s Songs To Break Up To (review), sans the bonus song. Thanks for sharing the video to “Heartbreak (Sinking)” with me.

Yes, people have infinite differences, and maybe when we get to the core of things most of those defining elements aren’t really that diverse. The proverbial things that make us all tick. Certain situations often affect us on a similar level.

I think parting is one of those situations.

But breaking up certainly is an individual process, even though it (ironically) takes two. I used to love you; I still do, but I used to, too.

You didn’t, and that’s alright. In a masochistic kind of way I feel that what I wrote two sentences up still does apply.

I suppose that’s how songs of unrequitedness come about. And being a lover of music, there really are so many songs to choose from when one wants to move on (yet only so many directions to go in) after a drifting relation ship. Sometimes your favorite songs come up, followed by mine. Don’t think twice, it’s alright.

Ta-Ku’s EP starts off with “Begginning to End”, and as I listen to it again, there’s a reel in my head showing a feature film of this summer.

If you’d like to, feel free to print out the artist’s tear-off sheet and follow the instructions. Just bear in mind that the address there is invalid – use this one: valid address from which to obtain corresponding Ta-Ku music from.

Moving on,


posted by Staff
August 2014