Electronic Pop Producer/Singer/Songwriter TĀLĀ returns with another pandora-box of trips, flips and synths. Only this time she comes bearing gifts with the equally salubrious London-based producing duo Sylas.

TĀLĀ represents a truly unique new wave of UK producers demanding attention at the minute. Most recently at a London show, she used scent to highlight each section of the performance! Yep multi-sensory overload.

According to the press realease accompanying "Praise", it was a mutual appreciation of R&B that cemented the collaboration:

The first time I met the guys at mys studio it was just vibes, I knew we would compliment each other really well. We shared the same love for Boyz II Men so it was an easy starting point for what became "Praise"

The track is a magical-mystery piece of electronic production - go grab it now.

posted by Staff
August 2015