Got something lush from College Music's soulful / hip hop imprint Well Overdue for those seeking for zen morning vibes.

London based producer TAMBALA has grown to nurture a unique production style that spans across genres and offers a huge variety of sounds and energies. He has worked alongside an already established roster of artists including B-ahwe, Finn Foxell and Osquello. His third EP Mind Movements came together when he reconnected (virtually!) with childhood friend Ana Barrena during lockdown 1.0.

The original project provided three unique vibes as TAMBALA explored his diverse soundscape. These three distinct springboards gave the remix artists an opportunity to explore more abstract takes on these already futuristic-sounding tracks. The project opens with a Talk Much remix by career-long collaborator apltn. He returns to Well Overdue after his recent release ‘Vibe Out to Help Out’, producing a remix inspired by hard-hitting 808s and rich extra-terrestrial sonorities.

posted by Ivo
June 2021