"Cara de Arabe" by Belgium outfit Tapioca feels like a tasteful combination of the style of Khruangbin and Franc Moody.

Tapioca is a duo comprised of rapper/lyricist Le Tagarel and producer/composer SiKa, who draw inspiration from rap, jazz, MPB, and funk from the '70s and '80s. "Cara de Arabe" is as groovy as it is musically opulent. The rhythm section is laced with vibrant percussion, and decorated around the lofty vocals are these comforting keys holding together the arrangement. I can't neglect to mention the strings floating in the distance which provides an air of elegance.

""Cara de Arabe" is the focus track from Tapioca's LP Samba em Kigali. The LP picks up the thread where Tapioca’s debut LP “Voyage” left off, acting as an ode to traveling and more broadly, of the inherent beauty of the African continent.", they shared.

posted by Lu
May 2023