Hailing from Belgium and full of far-away exotic groove, Tapioca are back with updates about a new record. A good reason to smile this Friday.

We first covered the Brussels-Kigali-based duo in 2022 when they released their Jakarta Records debut Voyage. A year later rapper/lyricist Le Tagarel and producer/composer SiKa share "Lagoas de Ruanda" - the first single from their upcoming LP Samba em Kigali scheduled for May 19th.

The track is an instant feel-good trip to the shores of Brazil with its crisp guitar chords, funky bass and vocals that sound like a call from a call friend. The draws inspiration from rap, jazz, MPB, and funk from the '70s and '80s. As someone who is a huge fan of Brazilian culture, I absolutely adore its wholly unique musical blend and the emotion Tapioca's music invokes in me.

I am ready for a cruise down in the sun.

posted by Ivo
March 2023