With his soul and jazz inspired delivery, UK rapper Tee Peters has already captured the attention of platforms such as BBC, No Signal Radio, and placements on numerous editorials.

His stories from growing up in South East London can be found throughout his stellar songwriting on 2021's Seasons Vol. 1 which he had also worked on with Mensing, This time however, Tee took a trip to Mensing's home and together they birthed Strasbourg & Home - their latest collaborative project.

"Strasbourg" with Jordan O was definitely among the stand out tracks with its warm, soulful vibes thanks to Mensing's lofi-influenced production. Jordan O's verse narrates the feeling of “vie la vive” which describes the joy and comfort of having a partner by your side.

This is a special track with a special backstory of Tee's marriage engagement - it's a happy expressive tune. And I can't help but smile.

posted by Krisi
November 2022