A new addition to our Dance Feels selection, courtesy from the one and only Teen Daze and Cecile Believe whose vocals are to-die-for! Their new single "2AM (Real Love)” is the total French house vibe that culminates in an ultimate crescendo intertwined uplifting synth work. Been listening to this all morning and I can't help myself but dance around the flat and love life.

As someone who has been featuring Teen Daze as back as 2013, it's amazingly beautiful how much his sound has evolved and changed throughout the years. Over the years, catalyzed by synthetic sights and sounds from oceans away, he patiently taught himself primitive software and recording programs, reverse engineering the heady, swooning horizons of the dance music that had permanently bewitched him. He didn’t anticipate an adulthood of globe-trotting song craft, but teenage exposure to iconic French house music videos cast a spell on him that still holds - "I knew then – this is what I wanted to do."

Also, Teen Daze's upcoming debut album Interior is scheduled for a December 10th via LA label Cascine. A gift before the holidays.

posted by Ivo
November 2021