"Money" is the track I didn't know I needed. I feel like everything I've been posting about was bringing me one step closer to summer and "Money" is no exception.

With a penchant for dance music and everything soul, Melbourne-based Tentendo’s fusion of grooves and funky basslines are a solid foundation for his music. For him, music has always been the perfect creative release and the perfect vessel to transport positivity from the studio to the dancefloor and that really shows.

"Money" is exceptionally groovy and got me dancing right away. And then it gets all kind of funky with that characteristic funk bassline from Tentendo. Top it off with honey’s airy vocal, carrying us through space and time. Good vibes, major funk, and an absolute groove. And can we stop for a moment and appreciate honey's vocals? So perfectly soulful and 90s.

posted by Anna
March 2023