Téo, commonly styled as ¿Téo? (aka Mateo Arias) is someone we featured a couple of years back but has since then blown up after collaborating with Jaden Smith on his track 'Uno Dos'. Nonetheless, he still remains as one of the most exceedingly talented artistes that I've ever come across.

Over the years Mateo has singlehandedly developed a genre which he refers to as "Neo-American" that draws elements of Bossa Nova, Hip Hop, Classical and Alternative. His "below the radar" approach, and elements of mystique that surround him have created a movement that follows him.

Lido (Peder Losnegård) is a Norwegian producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. It was through a series of remixes that got the virtuoso on the radar of high-profile DJ's and numerous tastemakers across the globe.

All in all, "Belong In The Sun" is a beautiful collaboration between two incredibly innovative artistes' and one of many songs from Téo's self-titled album, ¿Téo? which showcases an extraordinary creative stamp like no other.

posted by Zuli
May 2019