Alexander Lewis and Daju are both producers who have time and time displayed their superb production skills. Hence, seeing them join forces on a brilliant re-do of Teyana Taylor's "Issues/Hold On" made me extremely happy.

The guys take the laid-back & bluesy original (which I highly recommend you listen) and inject a lot of groove and positive vibe. Get ready for a nice BPM bump and a lot of positive soulful feeling.

I have to say, before listening to the remix the first time, I just got back to the first time I heard Teyana Taylor's "Issues/Hold On" and the mood the song put me into. I wasn't sure what to expect as Alex and Daju have very different sounds, but the end result simply blew my mind.

I haven't felt so positive and grateful about every little thing around me in life in a long time. It's amazing to see how someone's vision can completely bend a track and make it still amazing in its own, new & unique way.

posted by Ivo
July 2018