It's been ages since I've listened to folk, or acoustic music for that matter, so this new feature comes as a breath of fresh air!

After 5 hours of dancing to techno & Latin-inspired house music in a dark room just some hours ago, I managed to wake up pretty early for a Sunday (not drinking alcohol has definitely its benefits) and I still managed to catch-up the early, quiet hours of Berlin's Sunday morning. The Dreggs' "Ocean and Earth" couldn't be a better soundtrack to the "now". A reminder how awesome life could be. Also, while the track is folky, it comes with an awesome twist, which caught me off guard, but also made me smile. The reggae-like motifs are just nothing else but shortcut to happiness.

The Dreggs, a two-piece indie-folk duo formed in mid 2017, and have been making their way through the music scene at a steady speed. The pair of musicians from Australia blend both summery sounds and winter mellowness, all that wrapped in a layer of "chill". If you can imagine a happy version of Ben Howard & City and Colour, that's probably the closest to describing their sound.

The track is part of Dreggs' Seas Embrace EP, so definitely dig deeper if you enjoy this.

posted by Ivo
May 2018