If you are digging breezy electro pop / disco vibes, Luxxury's version of The Ramona Flowers' 2017 track "Strangers" is definitely going to lift your spirits.

The L.A. producer adds quite the disco/house feel to the original. "Strangers" actually reminds nicely of Portugal The Man / M83, but after this re-haul, things are way more upbeat! Speaking of the original, band's frontman Steve Bird shares:

...one of those rare songs we wrote collectively as a band, but nobody was in the same room at the same time. We all just knew the vibe instantly, but it was a bit like we were strangers

This is actually not the only new version of "Strangers". The band has released a bunch of remixes in addition to Luxxury's work... the other stuff are crafted by  Glok (Andy Bell from RIDE and OASIS) and KK.

posted by Ivo
January 2018