Today we're talking indie dance. Not the kind of dance you would see in the clubs, but the kind of playful sounds, which would definitely make you move that body of yours! When I first came across the name The Red Lights, I thought to myself - hell yeah, a Dutch band. Well, that was wrong assumption. Another Australian band, as if we didn't feature enough already! Truth be told, the Melbourne-based three-piece are way too talented to skip their presence on our little Internet island.

"Chaperone" feels like a blend between few bigger names in the indie rock scene and... something else - I guess a secret ingredient from Dave, Dean and David (waaay too many Ds, guys!). The element which hooked me to the track is the ongoing guitar chords, the ones between the singing parts.  By the way, I had a short chat with the guys and they are currently touring, so if you are lucky enough to be in the kangaroo land, check them live. I reckon it would be a cheerful experience!

posted by Ivo
July 2013