Remember The Silhouettes Project? The London initiative/collective that brings together an amazing set of artists in the jazz, hip hop & soul realm.

After the massive success of Vol. 1, the crew is preparing for Vol. 2 (which will also be available on vinyl) and they're teasing us with magnificent singles. The 3rd taste is called "Shade" and it blends a bossa-like rhythm, honey vocals & lush brass.

In this summery gem you can find singers Elisa Iperilee (whom you've heard on "Sinking") & Karl Benjamin, producer Purple Cloud, guitarist Jordan Tait & saxophonist Alabaster DePlume.

This is the top pick of Global Soul's episode from last week which you can tune in below:

While we wait for the full project, you can check the chart and find something else you like:

posted by Nasko
October 2023