In the midst of the new Thundercat album Drunk, I've been digging back into Stephen's previous releases and re-ignited my obsession with "Heartbreaks + Setbacks". I've become so caught into this track I just had to put it on Stereofox even though it's roughly 3-4 years old (from his Apocalypse release).

 Music-wise, "Heartbreaks + Setbacks" is one of the most emotionally charged tracks I've heard in a long time. The bassline, as tradition, is sick AF and the drum beat is just outstanding. I literally spent my weekend tapping on my body and figuring out the hi-hat patterns. Lyric-wise - hands down things are just simply on-the-spot. Minimal, but extremely accurate.

Baby, this could be a change for us to see
Maybe, we'll figure out where we're supposed to be
Until we find the truth there's something we should do
Can't let the love stop flowing from me to you

posted by Ivo
February 2017