Thylacine, the talented French producer, has taken remixing to a whole new level with his latest track, "Poly (and 74 Musicians)." Can you believe it? He teamed up with a massive 74-piece symphony orchestra, the Pays de la Loire National Orchestra led by conductor Uèle Lamore, to breathe new life into his classic composition originally released as part of his debut album Transsiberian.

"Poly (and 74 Musicians)" is a true sonic adventure that combines electronic, ambient, and classical elements flawlessly. Thylacine's genius lies in his ability to blend these genres, creating a captivating and emotionally charged soundscape that will leave you speechless. The symphony orchestra adds an extra layer of depth and grandeur, elevating the track to new heights.

“‘Poly’ is a track I originally composed on the Trans-Siberian Railway, based on a recording on Bulgarian polyphony. As I didn’t have much equipment with me on the train, it’s constructed from fairly simple elements, including a very synthetic “false orchestral arrangement” made with a small midi keyboard on the train. I’ve already had the opportunity to perform several different versions of it during my concerts, but I’ve always wanted to properly record the string parts with a real orchestra. When the project of doing a concert with a symphony orchestra emerged, it went straight to the top of the list of pieces to reinterpret.”, shares Thylacine about the project.

Thylacine's journey began with his debut album Transsiberian where he discovered his passion for composing while traveling. Imagine creating music while riding the Trans-Siberian Railway! That experience shaped his artistic vision and helped him make a name for himself in the electronic music scene. Since then, Thylacine has been on a mission to combine music and visuals, inviting listeners to embark on a unique and immersive journey through his distinctive style.

"Poly (and 74 Musicians)" is a track that invites you to close your eyes and let the music take you on a mesmerizing ride. The fusion of electronic beats, lush orchestrations, and Thylacine's unique touch creates an enchanting atmosphere that will captivate your senses.

Enjoy the official live music video to the track as well.

posted by Boris
July 2023