Woke up with some Brazilian vibes for the fans of Arlo Parks, Greentea Peng, and Lex Amor. The day really started 10x better thanks to this song. This next joint spills like a slow-motion foam dripping from your bathtub to the floor... so soothing. Excited to share with you the work of Tiawa - Brighton-hailed singer-songwriter & MC.

The talented artist cradles our ears with modern-lullaby "Sonhos cor de Rosa" (pronounced: Soin-yos Cor g Hosa). Melding Brazilian-Portuguese with a UK slant, the track is the fourth teaser from Tiawa’s debut album Moonlit Train scheduled for later this year.

There's so much bits to love about this track. The beat is playful, and it spans across continents with its blend of South American percussions, brass and instrumental hip hop (kinda Dilla vibe) beats. And we haven't even started speaking of Tiawa's impressive vocal abilities. Both her singing and rapping are superb and bring a unique edge to the composition making "Sonhos Cor de Rosa" an unforgettable experience. As a sucker for Portuguese this was just the cherry on the top. What a gorgeous language!

“Sonhos Cor De Rosa is something Latin-Portugese speaking grandparents say to their kids before bedtime. It roughly translates to “dreams in the colour of pink”. The song is about my love for my family and also bigging up my generation!” , shares Tiawa.

Going back to her upcoming Moonlit Train album - it will be a conceptual record that maps a metaphorical train journey from relationships through to healing and liberation. Gently easing between soul, 90s hip-hop and Latin-folk that harks back to her Portuguese heritage, the inspiration for the LP comes from the rebellious spirit of reggae, the pace of lyricism in reggaeton, and the romanticism of doo-wop.

Tiawa is seriously going places. The young artist has been featured on BBC 6 radio thanks to her collaboration with broken beat producer and Tru Thoughts label-mate WheelUP - "Take Me Higher". I can only be excited for what's ahead for her!

posted by Ivo
May 2021