Last night Mike and I had the pleasure to meet the guys behind Belgium record label DLoaw.

They are currently touring for the release of their latest Noble Silence compilation and let me tell you this - the live these guys put out was absolutely stunning. Just like the 7 track release, we had the pleasure of experiencing a perfectly flowing progression of sounds - from instrumental hip hop through downtempo all the way to Tor's tripp/acid-like set which closed the evening. Going home after the show, I decided to dedicate each of the next 7 days to the tracks and I bet you guy will enjoy this.

Actually, I had totally forgotten that Alex featured the Canadian producer and his "Glass & Stone" track back in 2013 when we first started the website. This made me utterly happy.

Going back to present days Noble Silence, kicks off with Tor's "Ancients" - a mindful and extremely spacious 2 minutes long ambient electronica and the perfect soundtrack to a floating Sunday afternoon. Hit the play button and switch off.

You can find the full compilation on all platforms here.
posted by Ivo
October 2018