After the mind-blowing release of Oasis Sky in 2021, Tor has been gearing up for a remix re-issue of the release. Inviting my all-time favourite electronic producers, the squad have delivered nothing, but greatness.

We initially got a taste of the re-imaginations thanks to the work of Catching Flies and O'Flynn, but today I'm kicking off with the PALLADIAN mates and their hard-hitting remix of "Foxglove", one of my personal favorites on Oasis Sky.

The duo utilizes the downtempo mystery shrouded around "Foxglove", but take the percussion one step further, adding their leftfield electronica scent to the original. Stunning!

I'm sure myself or the team will feature more of the remixes, but in case you're curious - we've got talentes like Fejka, Nuage, and Murge sharing their Tor re-vision with us!

Catch up with the work of the Canadian musician in our Tor interview from last year.

posted by Ivo
February 2022