If you appreciate spacious and heart-warming buildings followed by energizing stream of endless energy, then gather around. I'm talking Mount Kimbie meets Weval meets Four Tet kinda vibe.

I'm honored to introduce you to the art of German electronic trio Touring and their masterpiece "Central". The trio consists of 2 producers and a filmmaker - Matthias Hauck, Nepomuk Heller, and Marko Roth.

The song had been created in order to channel their experience during a 2-month stay at the very core of Hong Kong's soul, drawing inspiration from the city's most vibrant district.

When it comes to describing and labeling the song, I must say - "Central" defies simple classification, presenting an electronic music experience that seamlessly transitions between the vibrant energy of the dance floor and the tranquil embrace of headphones. The trio describes it as "drum machines and analogue synthesizers meet organic elements." All I know is that this gave me goosebumps and I felt so, so alive.

Stay tuned, because this beauty is set to feature on the upcoming album titled Thermal scheduled for release later this year. I'm certainly keeping an eye on those guys.

posted by Ivo
July 2023