This past week the UK based producer and composer, Tourist shared his latest single, "Apollo."

Weaving in atmospheric melodies, textured beats and a chime like rhythm, "Apollo" is a beautiful day dream that has come to life. There are moments within the song that capture a sense of melancholy but are quickly ushered into an upbeat, joyful sense of belonging.

Tourist made the following remark about "Apollo."

"I’m interested in exploring human themes through sound. Family, mental health, loss, love.

I sit at home by myself most days, writing music. It’s quite an insular life, and it can be claustrophobic, but I suppose much of my new music is an attempt to produce work that is outwardly facing. I want my music to connect and to tell a human story through samples, sounds and melody. I have always found these components of music much more interesting than words / lyrics.”

posted by Staff
September 2018