Ah Tourist, I don't think the producer has ever released something that I didn't feel the love at first listen. Having checked how much the entire Stereofox gang has featured him throughout the years, I'm not the only one with this sentiment.

His new single "Crush" is no exception from the rule. Instant love for the track. Looped vocals going "thinking bout you" reminded me of what it's like to actually start developing a crush on someone: you truly can't stop thinking about them. Choppy build up and the vocalization is pretty much a musical interpretation of feelings for someone. Apart from the relatable lyricism, the track is obviously produced in a very Touristy way, but in some way it's a little less atmospheric than his previous album Inside Out, but not in any way worse because of that. "Crush" screams spring and love. Tourist's new album Memory Morning is out on April 19th, so mark your calendars and get your dancing shoes ready.

I'm seeing Tourist live in April and listening to all of his latest stuff makes me so damn excited!

posted by Anna
March 2024