I love my habit of throwing music on the iPod and forgetting to listen to it, then skipping it and being "meh, don't feel like it" and then eventually getting the full taste of the track. Sometimes this process takes years and this is exactly what happened with this brilliant track. So brilliant that I decided to stop my post-vacation writing hibernation.

"Your Girl" is a track off the forthcoming EP of the London-based producer William Phillips aka Tourist (?read somewhere he is actually Brighton-based?) and, trust me, you will love it from the first listen. The tune is very smooth and dreamy, with minimalistic beats and is as sweet as a cotton candy. Indistinctive and a bit odd vocals (or maybe I’m too dumb to understand what is being said) just add up to the dreamy atmosphere of the track.

Check out his remixes on Soundcloud and simply enjoy. I am really confused which of his releases this track belongs to, but just saw on his Facebook page that his third EP is on its way, yay!

posted by Anna
September 2013