One of the songs that makes you feel like a badass roaming the streets of your hometown. This hip-hop gold is not shy to capture the attention and not let go for almost four minutes, and we don't mind.

Part of the album BASELINE CAVI the track "BLESS THE DEAD" is a sharp needle in an LP that L.A.-based artist Trizz himself describes as "Authentic. It got bounce, it’s swangin’ and bangin!". We could not agree more. He knows the feeling he wants to transmit, and we hear a great Westcoast hip-hop story featuring Bino Rideaux, XV, T.F, ICECOLDBISHOP, John Givez, and Bale.

Mike Summers is the other main character in it and he knew exactly what to slide under Trizz's voice to get the best out of it. But we're not so surprised as we know he produced tracks for names like Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Lil Wayne.

posted by Krisi
September 2022