I can't recall the exact date when Bobby called me to show me the ideas for PAUSE VOL.2, but I remember it was pretty evident it would end up being one of the dopest projects on the label.

Many months later and a number of insane collaborations, the 6-track EP is here and it sounds jaw-dropping.

PAUSE VOL.1 was made in my “play it all live” era. Last year I finally got my driving licence and the music I found best as a road trip soundtrack was the J Dilla beat tapes. Coming back to using the MPC after more than a decade, triggered my desire for simplicity. Not every song needs a B part, a bridge, crazy chord changes, etc. I took it back for VOL.2.", elaborates Bobby.

After "LIKE ME" with legendary Detroit hip-hop artist Frank Nitt, "ROAD TO CHOREFTO" with talented up-and-coming Lili, "SOFTLY LOVE" with the new queen of alt r&b Brianna Castro, and of course PAUSE VOL.1's collaborator Jermaine Holmes' feature "4U", today we celebrate a few more missing pieces fro the PAUSE experience.

One of them, "FAR FROM CASUAL", starts with the tight-est beat possible and I bet Dilla would have loved that groove. The otherworldly vocals of C-MO and Bobby's music are like pancakes and honey and given their long and fruitful collaboration history, seeing him making an appearance on PAUSE VOL.2 felt absolutely natural. The dream team is joined by the notorious Japanese guitarist and our label mate - Kazuki Isogai, whose part adds that finishing sexy chill feel to "FAR FROM CASUAL", making it the grooviest sensual banger out there.

After all of this, I can only imagine what VOL.3 would look like.

Stream the full PAUSE VOL.2 / order your vinyl here.

posted by Ivo
December 2023