Today is a day to love music.

For anyone, who is longing (pun intended) for some classic soul sound channeled through the prism of contemporary music, we've got your covered! I'm proud to announce TromBobby's upcoming PAUSE VOL.1 EP on our label (scheduled for April 21st) and to share with you the first single "LONGING".

Another reason to be excited is the fact that "LONGING" features legendary Grammy-nominated artist Jermaine Holmes who performs as lead singer for Pete Rock and The Soul Brothers and is a member of The Vanguard with D’Angelo himself.

4 years ago Bojidar Vasilev embarked on a journey that’s both solo and packed with friendships. Indebted to Dilla, Knxwledge, and a whole galaxy of influential beat makers, the the fresh-out-of-Amsterdam-studies musician released his debut album Run (2018).

With more than 100k streams on all major DSPs, the world saw him solidifying his place in the production scene and another example for the rise of the producers as lead artists. While he was already a household name in the Bulgarian r&b / soul and instrumental scene, it was Run that put TromBobby on the path of self-discovery and growth as a musician.

TromBobby’s new approach is a juxtaposition to the Forest Gump inspiration behind Run and while running did save Forest before, this new record channels his last 4 years of experience and learnings into a more laid-back and grounded destination.

“The concept of the PAUSE series is to make space, so that different elements can shine brighter. You should apply it in life too. Make room for others. Lighting a second candle won’t take the firsts one’s brightness. It’ll just brighten your perspective.”, shared TromBobby.

I will definitely cover more down the line, but for now let's enjoy the silky laid-back vibe of "LONGING", a track that's different from what's expecting you down the line in PAUSE VOL.1 journey.

A special appreciation for Rado Kazasov (@radokazasov) who lays the foundations of the track with his spot-on drumming and the talented Mihaela Karadjova (@stalkersince1993) for the spectacular artwork she created to further enhance the sonic experience.

As I mentioned, this is just the beginning - stay tuned for "BOX OF CHOCOLATES" which drops on the 7th of April and then the full EP which features another track with Jermaine and a few special surprises.

You can stream "LONGING" on all major DSPs here.

posted by Ivo
March 2022