While this next feature is released in 2020 and TSHA has made quite the splash in the dance / electronic / downtempo world since then, every day is a great day to share an awesome song.

London-based producer released "Sister" August last year as part of her 4-track Ninja Tune EP Flowers. I rarely listen to vocal music nowadays, but damn - this is spot-on! I love the slight delay on her synths and the overall spacious feel of freedom throughout the composition.

"I wrote Sister during lockdown after finding out I had an older half-sister from my estranged father that she is also estranged from,” shares TSHA. “We spoke on the phone and were texting each other in lockdown and we recently met for the first time. She’s lovely and we got on straight away, so I’m very happy to have a new member of my family as I’ve not had much of that in my life. The song is an expression of all of those feelings.

posted by Ivo
June 2021