I am sitting on my windowsill, readjusting every few minutes to ensure I take in as much sun as I can get and TSUKI's "Ghost" comes on shuffle...and the rest was history:

It was a love affair from the first note, a tale that would forever be sung, passed down through generations, true love in its simplest form, man and music...

Anyways, getting a little ahead of myself, but this is pretty much what goes through my brain when the perfect song plays at the perfect moment (on another note: we really need a word inveted for that!).

It comes as no surprise that we are huge fans of the San Diego-based duo, and you will love them even more once you have your movie moment with this track! Hope you enjoyed my sun soaked ramblings, and more importantly the last few hours of your public holiday!!

posted by Jemma
May 2018