We don't hear r&b in such a way every day and today's addition is an absolute delight, aside from a mind-bender.

Manchester DJ & producer Turna teamed up with the gorgeous Gillian Mapp for "Hold On". The borderline-breakbeat production makes this piece both sultry & driving, filling every frequency with the right percussion element, with Gillian's vocals flowing effortlessly on top. She shares about the meaning:

“Hold On" is about an internal state of being stuck on someone. Soothing vocals accompanied by the instrumental’s melodic rhythm lull listeners into a lovestruck spell.

Turna adds on the collaboration:

I’d been looking for a vocalist for this track for a while and once I heard Gillian on (her debut single) Orange Bitters I knew we had to work together. We went back and forth with ideas and changes to the arrangement until we got to where it is now, but Gillian really understood the vibe of the track immediately - she really brought it to life.

This beauty is released via our friends at Left+Right.

posted by Nasko
September 2022