Let's begin the new year off with a treat.

I'm sure London duo Two Another rings a bell to you all. Known for producing some of the best electronic/rnb tracks today, they've most definitely come a long way since their first single release 3 years ago titled "Higher". But by the look of things, it only goes uphill from here.

Released in 2018, "Aiming Up" is merely a glimpse of what their Another Tape EP has to offer. So I suggest you have a go at it before you become fully enthralled with Moods' version of it. He adds his signature touches without stripping away components from our Londoners. Packing it with funktastic overlays that will get you obsessed with in no time.

Happy New Year to you all you foxes once again. Hope everyone has a great 2019.

posted by Zuli
January 2019