I literally just opened my eyes 2 minutes ago, so pardon me if you see any spelling mistakes. However, seeing Tycho releasing a new track felt like someone had poured a glass of cold water over me.

This, personally, came out of nowhere. I am not sure whether they are working on a new material (this is the first release since Awake if you don't count the remixes ofc), but this is just simply awesome. One can feel the gradual involvement of the other 2 members of the band and the fact that real instruments really have proven their place in Tycho's music.

"Division" is chilled and yet somehow energetic, lushful and yet straight-to-the-point. From the guitars through synths and electronics this is, as always, stellar work. Plus, the artwork (which I bet is done by Scott) is a perfect continuation of those sounds. Seriously loving this!

The trio are gearing up for some tour dates this summer, so in case you wabt to find more - just check their profile here at Stereofox.

posted by Ivo
July 2016