Tycho's music has been and is a perpetual journey. From Scott's early days when sounds were insomnia-driven result to evolving the project into a fully-formed band.To this day, the interview with Scott & live recording their gig in Berlin have been the highlights of my Stereofox days.

Fast forward to nowadays, the guys are gearing up for a new LP and yesterday we marked the first step of that atmospheric journey. A single titled "Easy" aiming to break the pattern in the way they explored and guided us through their music. Scott shares...

“Music can transport us to other realities but can also ground us firmly within ourselves. After a trilogy of records spent exploring the outer reaches of experience, I am focusing inward to reveal a human side to the music.”

While "Easy" carries Tycho's watermark ambient-driven sound, it feels a lot more cinematic and definitely post-rock-inspired. Also, hearing vocals throughout the composion felt beautifully unusual. I think I must have played this close to 40 times by now and I still get lost in different elements each time. Needless to say - Rory O'Connor (nitemoves) has created some of the most engaging drum patterns out there. The guy is a total beast!

The track is out via Ninja Tune / Mom+Pop. Support / download from here.

posted by Ivo
April 2019