It's not more than 20 seconds since I actually discovered the new Tycho track and there's nothing but pins and needles racing through my body. I guess it's needless to say - I knew I would feature the track before even hitting that play button.

Scott (and now his band) is/are one of the most prolific and impactful electronic artists in the past... 10 years or so and any release is seriously a small celebration for the soul and mind.

I have to say I quite like the small but very insightful description on his SoudnCloud page:

Epoch is the latest single from Scott Hansen's continually expanding project Tycho and the keystone of the forthcoming album. The new album is at once a departure and an evolution for Tycho; honing the sonic aesthetic of Dive while drawing on the kinetic energy of Awake, it explores darker themes and new musical territory.

And from what I could hear in "Epoch", things definitly sound like a new direction. It's always nice to see an artist evolving and changing their sound and the somehow mysterious / desert-like vibe of "Epoch" makes me feel like exploring some distant & deserted areas and somehow look for a little bit of solitude.

If you want to know more about the Ghostly artist, read our interview with Tycho here.

posted by Ivo
September 2016