I kind of can't forgive myself for completely missing Tycho's new song on Friday. I actually bookmarked the day as soon as I saw the tweet announcement last week. Needless to say, excitement was off the hook. To this day, Tycho's music remains the most calming / relaxing mean when I feel overwhelmed and it has been way too long since they had released new music. Honestly, the nights I spent switching between Past Is Prologue and Dive... the perfect drift away music.

Anyways,it was crazy busy weekend and I'm finally getting to experience "Jetty" in its fullest.  The track is magical. I feel it just needs to be experienced while driving down at night somewhere far away from the city lights... preferably in vast, open spaces.

"Jetty" is not going to be part of any Tycho album. Why? Well, the track is one of the songs part of Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins' upcoming album Ninjawerks (which is based on the popular video game). Not sure how this all came to place, but the song is simply put mind-blowing. It actually feels a lot more electronic/experimental than band's latest record Epoch. Sort of a homage of the early Tycho days when Scott was making music on his own.

I guess this quote from Scott kind of sheds light on what's happening...

"I've always been inspired by video games and the alternate reality they offer, this is something I try to achieve in my music: to transport the listener to another space. I'm excited to connect my music with an art form that I enjoy so much."

Also, a few years back I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott, so if you're curious - read my interview with Tycho here.

posted by Ivo
December 2018