I've been waiting for this feature ever since Tycho teased an album announcement a few days ago on Twitter.

The once one-man-project, now full-on band return with new album titled Weather which is set for release on Mom+Pop and Ninja Tune. That's not all the good news - the guys are embarking on a world tour and if you haven't seen them live... you should.

Weather comes 3 years after their 2016 release Epoch, and is a change in Scott's vision for the project with the introduction of vocal led tracks in the form of today's highlight "Pink & Blue" featuring Saint Sinner.

Longtime collaborators Zac Brown (bass/guitar) and Rory O’Connor (drums) and touring member Billy Kim (keyboards/guitar/bass) will join Hansen on the Weather World Tour. Saint Sinner will also join the live band on all dates as the first touring vocalist with Tycho, bringing a new energy to the show.

When it comes to the musical progression of Tycho through the years, Scott shares...

"With each Tycho album my goal is to evolve and broaden the sound. After The Science of Patterns (2002) and Past is Prologue (2006) - two primarily electronic solo efforts - I began incorporating more organic sounds and instrumentation. Dive (2011) saw the addition of guitar and bass guitar while Awake (2014) took it a step further with guitars pushed to the forefront and the use of live drum performances for the first time.

Epoch (2016) honed that sound further balancing the electronic and organic components that defined Tycho. Weather intends to reveal a more human side to the music, with the vocal and lyrical components adding a whole new dimension of warmth and life.

Speaking of Tycho and live performances, here's something we filmed a few years ago in Berlin.

posted by Ivo
May 2019