My Asia days off are slowly fading away and as we settle into work mode on the Andaman Sea coastline, it's time to catch up on some of the music I wanted to share with you guys.

"Small Sanctuary" is the second track where Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear joins on mixing and additional production duties after "Time To Run" released earlier this year. The 2 singles are out via Ninja Tune / Mom + Pop and I hope we see a full-length from Tycho in the near future. The tune was featured during his utterly expected annual sunrise set at this year's Burning Man.

Aesthetically, the song feels like a good continuation of the direction Tycho took with Simulcast in 2020. The aerial production in the background, one of the treats of Scott's music, is still very much present, but what truly won my heart on "Small Sanctuary" is the drum work and how well-put everything is. There's this inherited empowerment through and through.

When it comes to this new creative endeavor, Tycho shares, "Innocent and unburdened by the trappings of modern life, children are a pure expression of the human condition. To watch them grow and learn is to witness a sanctuary for the human spirit. I wrote this song for my daughter who brings me limitless joy and inspiration."

posted by Ivo
November 2023