I was introduced to the fulfilling indie folk sound of Typhoon right here - on the fox, thanks to the great taste of Marisa, and like her, I was immediately charmed by the 11-piece band from Portland! I find their sound quite unusual but I wouldn't rush to attribute that to the number of band members... and I can only imagine how hard is to make 11 instruments sound...like one?

So, the guys are about to release their new album called White Lighter on the 20th this month and I stumbled upon one of the singles off the release - "Young Fathers". Based on my pre-research, I would make a wild and probably untrue guess, that the title might come from the life-changing experience the singer Kyle Morton had when growing up. Suffering from Lyme disease, numerous of his organs failed and his dad gave up one of his kidneys to save his life. The track will offer you a very rich range of genres with the typical choir vocals, gentle hummings and... sort of carefree vibe. Loving the short guitar pauses in the beginning...

posted by Ivo
August 2013