Dutch producer/guitarist Uevo returns with the final single from his upcoming album Shifting Sands (June 21st).

You might know him from his chillhop/lofi tunes, but Uevo aims to conquer more musical territories, being an inter-genre producer. His new tune "Look Out" has the marvelous vocalist Bella Luna & the brass group The Goldenboys for a delightful, slow-groove neo-soul gem, perfect for floating.

He elaborates on the theme, "Look Out" is a reminder to stay vigilant and mindful of what we allow into our lives. The track serves as a reflection on the importance of being conscious of our consumption—whether it be in our relationships, thoughts, or actions."

Aside from the honey vocals & relatable lyrics, you'll be sucked into this gem with some of the most beautiful horns, warm keys & a summer beat.

posted by Nasko
last month