There's a certain slow groove that comes with Moods' music and you can feel it especially well in his reworks.

He did a magnificent remix of Olando-based singer url's "bedroom floor", keeping the sexy touch while adding a funky synth touch. The Rotterdam-based producer explains:

It’s fun to flip the script with remixes, which was my approach for the “bedroom floor” remix. Write new melodies but still use small elements from the original to make it recognizable. The idea was to start very minimalistic and slowly build things up throughout the track. It adds to the emotion of the lyrics and tension of the song. Once the main melodies were down my friend Yasper stopped by to add some funky guitar bits to top it off

url also adds:

The “bedroom floor” remix from Moods creates a different universe from the original. His production directs a play between tension and release as the song evolves. The addition of funk has a cool texture that sits next to the original in a desirable, but distinct way. Nick arranges around the vocals brilliantly, orchestrating a feeling of longing to be redeemed.

posted by Nasko
April 2021