Last year we featured a piece on the women who shape modern electronic music, and naturally BBC Radio 1 Host, DJ, and curator Jaguar was on that list.

One of the most trusted voices in electronic music nowadays is also known for her podcast and event series UTOPIA. The platform reflects on the vibrant culture of dance music while also addressing the challenges confronting our contemporary society. Through her thought-provoking podcast, Jaguar catalyzes dialogue and promotes action toward achieving greater inclusivity and equality within the realm of dance music and beyond.

Today, the UTOPIA brand is making a big leap forward with the establishment of Utopia Worldwide - a new record label focusing on forward-thinking electronic music.

The label's debut release was announced a few days by JAGUAR herself on Twitter and it features music created by talented Scottish producer Van Damn.

"Song was made during the midst of the pandemic when I genuinely was at a real massive crossroads in terms of career and if I’d actually continue working to DJ etc. Jaggy picking this tune-up honestly gave me the biggest boot up the arse (w/ positivity 😂) and spurned me on to continue producing and doing what I love." Jordan shares on Instagram.

"Can't Grumble" is a lush blend of UK garage, breakbeats, and alt electronica. A perfect addition to our alternative dancefloor playlist.

posted by Ivo
March 2023